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Athleta gilchristi - series Fusinus cratis Marginella mattheeorum Cypraeovula connelli's Festilyria ponsonbyi Kilburnia heynemanni Afrivoluta pringlei's Callipara africana Simililyria aikeni kosibayensis Marginella westhuizeni Murexsul valae Cypraea broderipi Festilyria ponsonbyi - 116mm Cypraeovula connelli

The Conchological Society of Southern Africa was founded in May, 1958 by a group of enthusiastic South African collectors who felt that the coastline where Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, is a most interesting ground for shell collectors. This coast gives rise to a number of endemic species and it was felt that a society would assist in communication over large distances.

In the 1960's, the following mission statement was established:

"To further the study of Mollusca in general, and South African Mollusca in particular, and secondly, to add to the existing data and scientific records concerning South African Mollusca."

Current office bearers:

Members meetings are currently held monthly in three centres, Pretoria, Durban and East London.

The official mouthpiece of the Society," THE STRANDLOPER " is currently produced sporadically, depending on the flow of articles. A "Strandloper"is a 'beach-walker', alluding to the ancient forbears of modern man, that roamed the Cape beaches long ago, living off the offerings of the shore. Their " middens ", (piles of shell remains), are found in many places today, and make interesting study.

The official logo of the society is the beautiful Marginellid, Afrivoluta pringlei, which is endemic to the Cape coast.

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Membership includes our bulletin, The Strandloper
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Sample Article

Sea Bones

An informal newsletter of the society.

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Sea Bones 2
Sea Bones 3
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Sea Bones 5
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Callipara africana - live Calcarovula ildiko - live Marginella seccombei and Morum praeclarum Cypraea barclayi - live Hole in the wall - Pondoland Cypraea fultoni fultoni - live Conus berdulinus Conus queketti Xenophora pallidula with Cypreae connelli and Athleta kilburni attached Haliotis queketti Benthoclionella jenneri Pecten afribenedictus Bolma massieri Cypraea volvens
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